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Your brand is the most important thing you own as a business. It is your identity, your logo and your corporate image all rolled up into one single package. Each element of your brand is essential to your success.

The differences between brand, identity and logo

Your logo is your identifier to the world; it is the iconic symbol that will spring to the mind of the general public when your brand is mentioned, the mark of your company, your picture that is worth 1,000 words.

Your identity is made up of what the world sees of your company that go towards influencing your brand and is associated with the logo that you have. How much money you re-invest in the local community, your attitude towards recycling and eco-friendly practices, whether you support fair trade – all of this goes towards forging your identity as well as the products your produce and the logo you have had created.

Your brand is the most precious thing you own. It can't be formed by a design service, by your logo or your identity all standing alone. Your brand is what the public see your corporate image as and though no one can force people to see a company in a certain light, a framework can be created to help you strive towards the brand image you want that is influenced by your identity and your logo.

Our Brand Design Service

Your brand is something that is far more than a logo, it is the corporate image that you want the world to identify with you. At Juiced Media we are dedicated to helping you realise the core concept being having a corporate image – that is everything that your company does, all its holdings and the products that it produces reflect the aims, values and even ethics that your company holds at its heart.

We at Juiced Media know that you cannot start operating as a company without having a vision for what you want your brand to be and we are ready to help you lay the foundations of creating the corporate image you are striving for be it a green, friendly laid back organisation, a power house of suited professionalism or a down-to-earth family orientated company that places a premium on ordinary values.

Our logo Design Service

Logos are a powerful part of your company branding; they are what you clients and prospective customers will recognise and form the associations of your corporate image and identity.

At Juiced Media we understand how essential having the right logo for your company is. Whether it is in a re-design of an old logo to modernise what is seen as an out-of-date brand or to launch a new and exciting project, our team of dedicated professionals will create a logo that captures the spirit of your company and the foundations of the brand you want to create.

We are passionate about bring your ideas to life and creating something that is clever, simple and unique to your company; not rehashing old ideas or copying other company logos. We want to bring out the core ideas of your company and produce a logo that clearly shows what it is your company stands for and what it is here to do.

Want to get started on your project? Contact us through studio@juiced-media.co.uk or phone us at 0800 009 6099. You can also fill out a query form on our contact page.

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