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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the most important way of marketing your website online. It is the process that affects how visible your website is when a search is run using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If your website has a good search engine optimization then it will appear higher up on the organic search results (the results that are not ads or sponsored links).

Why is Search Engine Optimization important?

Search engine optimization is important as most people will only view the first page of results that are returned by a search engine, that is the top ten sites relating to the search terms with good search engine optimization. The higher up on the results page you are the more traffic (visitors) your site will get without needing to pay for your website to be feature as a sponsored link or ad.

What Juiced Media can do for you

Juiced Media will create an internet marketing strategy for your company that not only employs keywords, links and blogs in order to raise your SEO but also elements that will ensure your company is ranked highly for image searches, local searches, video searches, news searches, industry specific vertical searches and, where appropriate, academic searches.

By researching your company and your target audience we will produce an internet marketing strategy that is tailored towards helping you become more visible to your customers by looking at which search engines they prefer to use, the keywords and search terms they are using to find the products and services you offer and providing backlinks.

There are two different SEO techniques that can be used in order to make your site more visible on search engine results – white hat techniques and black hat techniques.

Juiced Media only use white hat techniques in order to make your website visible and produces long lasting results without resorting to deception so that the content that your customers and clients are searching for can be found and viewed.

How does my site get indexed by search engines?

The leading search engines out there, Bing, Yahoo and Google all use something called crawlers to find web pages for their search results. If your pages are indexed with one search engine they do not need to be submitted to others as they are found automatically. To be indexed on Yahoo your pages must be manually submitted to the Yahoo directory and have a human editorial review.

Google offers a different process through Google Webmaster Tools through which an XML Sitemap feed can be setup and submitted to Google for free to ensure that pages are found even pages that are not discoverable by automatically following links.

There is another directory known as DMOZ that works in a similar way to the Yahoo directory, requiring manual submission and a human editorial review.

Why can't I just do this in house?

What qualifies as having a good SEO is constantly changing and being updated. As soon as you have gotten your head around what is considered to be good SEO, the information you have is already out of date.

Our experts are constantly keeping themselves with the latest changes to SEO so that we can provide the best possible service to you and your company, saving you time, money and making sure you stay a prominent presence on the internet.

Want to get started on your project? Contact us through studio@juiced-media.co.uk or phone us at 0800 009 6099. You can also fill out a query form on our contact page.

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